How To Eat What You Love And STILL Lose Weight

Video Transcription

In today’s transformation coaching session you will learn how to lose weight without having to give up the foods you love. Sound good?

Sounds good to me. Tell me more.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably tried all the diets:
Shake diets
Soup Diet
Even cut out carbs, snacks, sugar, dairy
Starved yourself
The list goes on

The diet industry is worth BILLIONs!!! If you lose the weight and keep it off, then they are out of business. They need you to be a repeat customer.

So let’s keep it simple – everybody has a base calorie need, which is known as your BMR Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the number of calories your body needs just to survive.

So if you were to wake up and just lie in bed and do nothing, you would still need this number of calories. These calories are needed for all the internal processes – heart pumping, blood circulating, breathing and even thinking. Your brain alone needs 300-500 calories a day.

Your BMR is determined by a number of factors:
Height, Weight & Age

Now we know your base level, we need to look at your PAL (physical activity level). Once we put these together we have your daily calorie needs. If you are looking to lose weight, you need to subtract some calories from here. We can do this in a number of ways – decrease in calorie intake, increase in energy expenditure or a mix of both.

The trouble with crash diets is that calories can be too low, below your base level or BMR. The starvation response then kicks in and the body goes into survival mode. It will want to hold onto all the calories as it’s unsure when you are going to feed it properly again. This can slow down your metabolism as your body wants to use up less energy.

Also too low calories acts as an additional stressor on the body which in turn increases the level of cortisol (which we talk about in another video) making it harder to lose weight.
Crash diets are great for a while but the results you see at the start are not only fat loss but also a reduction in muscle tissue and water from the body, which is not ideal and definitely not sustainable.

Carbs and fats can have a bad rep but no one food group makes you put on weight. A calorie is a calorie and eating too much of any food and going over your calorie needs will increase weight.
We don’t want you to cut out any food groups, just look to increase foods with a higher nutrient content and stay within your calorie needs. This still allows you to have some of the foods you really love. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. No food is off limits.

So let’s recap:

We all have a base calorie need, which when added to our physical activity level, gives us the calories needed each day.

in order to lose weight, we need to keep our calories below this level.

Crash diets usually reduce the calories too low and are not sustainable.

If we simply make healthier choices and keep our calories where they need to be, it will allow us to still eat the foods we love, in moderation!

Remember slow and steady wins the race. We don’t believe in losing too much too soon. It has to be sustainable.


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