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The most effective way to lose weight for good is not about restricting your favourite foods or over training. Find out what you need to do in our FREE Masterclass.

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Alone is Hard, Together is better

It's OK. Getting Stuck Happens to Smart People.

We see it every single day. We're talking about smart people who genuinely want to lose weight, eat better and be more active, but they can’t seem to make it happen and have been stuck like this for years.

They spend countless years chasing random weight loss hacks and fad diets, or jumping on the latest exercise trends, only to become disheartened and demotivated, before giving up. Think about it — that could be DECADES of frustration.

We constantly hear...

  • How do I get started or back on track?
  • What's the best program to follow?
  • Am I even fit enough to start exercising?
  • Where will I find the time?
  • Am I too old to start?
  • I just need to find the right routine.
  • I’m never going to be able to do this!

If any of these SOUND FAMILIAR, don't worry, we're here to help!

Introducing The WellFit Method

It's specific - We include personalised exercise plans and nutrition suggestions that are tailored to your body, ability and lifestyle.

It is specific - We include personalised exercise plans and nutrition suggestions that are tailored to your body, ability and lifestyle.

It's sustainable - If you’ve already tried the conveyor belt of random workouts, recipes and meal plans, and you want to go beyond hacks and quick fixes to focus on what truly works, The WellFit Method gives you the exact, actionable steps to make lifelong lasting change.

It is sustainable - If you’ve already tried the conveyor belt of random workouts, recipes and meal plans, and you want to go beyond hacks and quick fixes to focus on what truly works, The WellFit Method gives you the exact, actionable steps to make lifelong lasting change.

And it's proven - Over the last 20 years we've seen thousands of people start and commit to this program and come out changed. You have to make a decision - another year gone with no progress or will this be your year?

And it is proven - Over the last 20 years we've seen thousands of people start and commit to this program and come out changed. You have to make a decision - another year gone with no progress or will this be your year?

By applying the WellFit Method principles, it will be the rocket fuel you need to finally kickstart that body transformation you have been looking for.

Remember this, it's impossible to get back the time you've spent over the years trying to lose weight, putting it back on, losing it again... BUT you can take control of your future and we're here to help.

They said YES to sustainable change

The Difference Between Us — And Everyone Else

Everything is tailored to your taste buds, dietary restrictions, time limitations and of course, goals!

Personalised Nutrition

Still eat the foods you love - Yes chocolate, pizza and wine too!

Restriction leads to compulsion. Thats why the personalised approach takes into consideration your likes, dislikes and your go to snacks. We take everything into account to help you create tasty meals that you enjoy and keep making.

Personalised Training Plan

Get the best, most time-efficient workout plan for your goals - Not someone Else's 

Everyone has a different starting point and end result in mind. This is not a generic workout plan that you hope works for you. We'll create a personalised plan just for you that takes into account your ability, fitness level and even injury history, that adapts with your progress.


Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

Real change comes from the compound effect of small, but smart choices, repeated day in and day out. We'll show you how stacking tiny habits will help you stay motivated, happy and on-track to getting life long results.

One Place, Not All Over The Place

Everything you need to help you learn more about nutrition, exercise, mindset and transforming your lifestyle can be found in The WellFit Method Academy.

Exercise Principals

Learn about the benefits of exercise & the different types of training, so you never need another trainer again.


Learn everything from reading food labels to tracking calories correctly so that you can still eat the foods you love.


Stop seeing food as good or bad and exercise as punishment. Build your confidence & change your attitude.

Alcohol & Eating Out

How to keep on track while still enjoying social activities.


Learn about the effects stress has on your body and some simple techniques to help manage it.


Understand the true cost of fatigue and how to fix it.


Learn the benefits & how to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.


Lay the foundations for success, by implementing small changes every week that you can continue for life.


We help you install and maintain an unshakable routine.


Learn what supplements you need for optimal health.

Immunity Support

Learn what foods to eat to help supercharge your immune system and try some of our delicious immune boosting recipes.


Learn how to change your mood & emotional state by incorporating an attitude of gratitude.

We Keep You Accountable And On Track


Overcome procrastination and always finish what you start

Sometimes we all go a little off track. We’re here to help when that happens. Get weekly check-in emails or in-app messages and monthly progress reviews.


Install and maintain a winning routine that works with your lifestyle

Overwhelm is the biggest routine killer. Instead of trying to do everything at once we introduce tiny changes each week that compound and consolidate into new formed habits. Consistency is the rocket fuel that turns goals into results.

Will You be Our Next Success Story?

We Show You How To Improve Your Sleep, Quieten Your Mind and Relax Your Body


Sleep your way to a better body, better health and bigger success

When it comes to losing weight, there is one criminally overlooked principle...sleep! We'll help you create a sleep routine to improve virtually every function of your mind and body by showing you how to unlock your body's ability to sleep soundly and wake up fully charged. 


Calm your mind and let go of worry 

Develop healthy habits and manage your everyday stressors using monk like powers. Stress is simply something we cannot avoid but we can learn how to cope with it. As a WellFit Method member you don't need to worry, we've an entire module that covers how to manage stress using our WellFit Method meditation library.

...And They said YES to sustainable change

The WellFit Method Coaching Program Is For You If...

  • You are overwhelmed with all the information out there and don’t know where to start to achieve sustainable weight loss.
  • You are so DONE. You just don't want to trial and error another hack or weight loss program. You want someone at your side to just guide you through the unknown.
  • You're focused on long term results and you understand that success is never a straight line, but that you can make HUGE progress by making smarter choices.
  • You are 100% committed and ready to take charge of your life today. Not sometime in 2021. RIGHT NOW.

We Thought You Would Never Ask!

See how we've answered the most common WellFit Method questions

What exactly is The WellFit Method?

The WellFit Method™ is a personalised body and lifestyle transformation programme designed to help busy professionals make practical and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Whether you are looking to lose fat, tone up or get stronger, everything is tailored to your fitness abilities, taste buds, dietary restrictions and time limitations.

As well as taking care of your body, the WellFit Method teaches you how to create habits to improve your sleep, manage stress and quieten your mind, for a full lifestyle transformation.

Our certified coaches are with you every step of the way to keep you accountable, motivated and on track to achieving your goals.

How much does the transformation coaching program cost?

The WellFit Method coaching program has different options available that are specific to each individual's needs. That's why we insist on having a call first to learn a little more about you and your goals.

Our approach to getting lasting results is slightly different from the generic workout program or meal plan you've probably seen before.

We take into account what your lifestyle looks like, your commitments at home, your job and any other activities that fill up your day, as well as your favourite foods and go-to snacks.

We then take all of this information to create a personalised calorie-calculated meal and workout plan that is completely specific to you, your lifestyle, goals, likes and dislikes and most importantly, something you can stick to.

Our goal is to make this the last time that you ever have to pay for a weight loss plan by helping you implement easy and sustainable habits into your life and at the same time explaining everything you need to know with regards to exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress and how each one impacts your weight loss goal.

How does online coaching work?

We will have an initial strategy call to set out your goals and put a plan in place to achieve them. Your workouts will be hosted on our Fitness App with video demonstrations for every exercise, along with guidance. All the education videos and documents will be hosted on The WellFit Method Academy. You will have access to your coaches through In-App Messaging and Accountability Checks. We will virtually be with you every step of the way.

How much interaction will I have with "real people"?

You will have calls with your coach, messages through the app and access to our Members Only Facebook Group where you can chat with other like minded people on the plan. We also have our Monthly Live Group Chats. So plenty of interaction with “real people”.

I've no workout equipment, do I need a gym?

No, you do not need a gym. Each person gets their own tailored workout plan, so we work with whatever you have available. If you have access to a gym, great. If you have equipment, great. But if you don’t, don’t worry. A lot of people who have completed this plan had no equipment either.

Can online coaching really get me results?

You better believe it! Just check out our testimonials and videos to see the awesome results.

Is there a contract or minimum time period that I need to commit to?

We don’t believe in quick fixes. This is a 12 week plan but once you have completed the 12 weeks you should have the knowledge and capability to go it alone if you wish. Although we will still be here to help if you need it.

I haven't trained in a long time (months, years)..Can this work for me?

Yes! Getting started is the hardest part. If you are returning to fitness, make sure to complete the exercises at your own pace. Always consult with your doctor before undertaking new exercise routines.

If I have an injury or health condition, can I still do this program?

Yes. Once you have clearance from your doctor we can modify or adapt any exercise to suit your needs and abilities. We will discuss everything in your initial strategy call. And remember, as the workout plan is personalised, it will take into account all aspects of your health.

How do you track my progress?

On sign up you complete an initial Goal Setting & Lifestyle Questionnaire. Before you start the plan you record your measurements, photos and weight on the app. These are updated regularly throughout the plan to track your progress. We don’t just focus on the scales which is why we take photos and measurements too. Plus we track your progress through accountability check-ins each week, monitoring not just your physical change but also your sleep, stress and mindset. The WellFit Method truly is a 360 degree approach to your health and wellness.

The Next Steps To Your Transformation...

First, Attend The Sustainable Weight Loss Masterclass

We'll cover:

  • Nutrition - Know your numbers
  • Exercise – Training smart
  • Sleep - Exposing the true cost of fatigue
  • Stress – Effects on your body and behaviour
  • Habit - Creating an unshakeable routine

Then, We'll Have A Body Transformation Strategy Call

We'll chat to you about your:

  • Food preference and allergies
  • Current daily routine and commitments
  • Existing diet
  • Fitness and exercise ability
  • Previous attempts at starting

WellFit Method Stories

"I dropped 5kg and 9cm off my waist" - Louise

"I'm down 15kg in just a few short months" - Baz

"I've lost inches off my body and dropped a dress size" - Mary

"Lost 32kgs in the last couple of months" - Krisztian

"Overall I did really well and lost 10kg in 12 weeks" - Orlaith

" I saw great results in the first 5 to 6 weeks, I lost 4kgs..." - Jason

"In 3 months I lost 8kg and 10cm off my hips" - Nanda

"Trust Ant & Ali because they know what they are doing" - Paul

"Everything is tailored to what I want to achieve" - Colm

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